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Knowing ‘MoneySign’ is as important as sun sign, says 1 Finance’s new print ad

Mumbai-based finance advisory platform, 1 Finance recently rolled out a print campaign that is fashioned exactly like one’s horoscope. The idea of the campaign is that it's unfair to hand out generic financial advice to customers without knowing their personal risks, liabilities and long-term goals.

The ad introduces the idea of 'MoneySign', a horoscope-like grouping system that classifies customers between risk averse and highly aggressive in their finances through eight categories. This enables the platform to approach its users in a more personalised manner. Through 1 Finance’s app, users can take a quiz to know their MoneySign that reveals one’s financial disposition and behaviour.

Represented by animals, the eight MoneySigns include ‘Stealthy Shark’ for customers who're highly ambitious. ‘Vigilant Turtle’ for those who're steady and vigilant. ‘Tactical Tiger’ for people who combine emotional intelligence with strategy in their financial decision-making. ‘Persistent Horse’ for consistent and aware individuals. ‘Virtuous Elephant’ for calm and composed individuals. ‘Far-Sighted Eagle’ for those excited by the bigger picture. ‘Enlightened Whale’ for the knowledge-inclined customers, and ‘Opportunistic Lion’ for those who constantly chase excellence.

The concept and the ad has sparked numerous conversations on social media. Some users have pointed out that all the signs are generally positive and, therefore, empowering. While some saw the idea 'cliche', others found the creativity refreshing.

Financial awareness, and understanding how money functions, is a significant element of our life that is overlooked by the Indian education system. As a result, most people grow up knowing practically nothing about financial planning and investment. So, they turn to financial advisory professionals for efficient wealth management.

Last month, 1 Finance released an ad that featured veteran actor Farida Jalal. She plays the grandmother of ‘Guggi’, the protagonist, who since his childhood is seemingly good with numbers, leading up to a prominent career in financial advisory. The ad's voice-over is by actor Vijay Raaz.

When Guggi starts his first job as a wealth manager, he realises that most employees in the industry mislead their clients for their personal gains. Hence, Guggi decides to quit his job and start a financial institution in his hometown. Humour Me, a Delhi-based creative agency, conceptualised the ad. 

1 Finance is a Financial advisory platform that offers financial planning and advisory solutions to the emerging affluent individuals of India. The platform wants to enable its users to achieve financial independence without depending on wealth management institutions that, according to it, work for their personal and ulterior motives.


Agency & production: Humour Me ( 

Founder & chief creative officer: Dhruv Sachdeva

Senior vice president (client servicing): Manoj Menon

Account director: Shikha Piplani

Creative team: Prithu Gupta, Manish Negi, Ishita Keserwani

Directed by: Dhruv Sachdeva, Clifford Afonso

Executive producer: Heena Chugh

Director of photography: Arnab Gayan

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