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KRAFTON India encourages BGMI players to 'Wear Your Cred' in a new ad film

The ad film, which is over 2 minutes long, is created by digital agency 22feet Tribal worldwide.

Video game company KRAFTON India recently unveiled a new digital ad campaign for its flagship game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The ad, titled 'Wear Your Cred’, was created by digital marketing agency 22feet tribal worldwide. 

The ad film, which is over 2 minutes long, promotes BGMI’s Royale Pass, encouraging players to stand out with unique in-game elements. Being 'default' in gaming means settling for basics; Wear Your Cred aims to make Royale Pass mainstream, emphasising benefits for players in building an elevated identity. The film highlights how the Royale Pass allows players to gain recognition for unique achievements, commanding respect and awe when they wear their cred.

Srinjoy Das, associate director- marketing, KRAFTON India, said “At this point, the Royale Pass in BGMI has become a massive sub-brand if you look at the sheer volume of YouTube and Instagram content around it. So with the third iteration, the RPA3, we felt it was imperative to showcase the class and awe it generates when you don a RPA final out-fit in game. You see someone in the lobby wearing the final RPA3 outfit and you can instantly recognize that they have crossed all 100 levels. It’s a mark of respect, of awe, and above all, a recognition that it’s no longer cool to be default. We hope our fans love this amazing film as much as we loved making it.”

Rahul Mathew, CCO, DDB Mudra Group, said “BGMI isn’t just a game, it’s a community.  And to announce this edition of the Royale Pass, we wanted to add some serious flex to it. In machine-gun mouth, we played with an audio disruption, this time we have a visual disruption.” 

‘Wear Your Cred’ will be amplified across the gaming community through social channels, videos that showcased RPA3 assets using CGI, trending reels content, gamified contests, and in-game promotions. BGMI has also collaborated with the KOLs to create conversation within the gaming community.

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