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Kumar Varun rails against new year parties in a commercial 

He suggests an alternative — Happy Snooze Year Party.

Becoming the poster boy for all new year party haters is Kumar Varun. The quizmaster and comedian, in a new commercial goes on a tirade against such parties and the pressures of having to prepare for and attend them. 

From mocking the act of drinking all night long during these parties and obscene amounts of money to enter a party to suggesting a Happy Snooze Year Party, Varun is dead set against this annual celebration. 

Prateek Malpani, Head of Brand, said, in a press release, “Earlier the idea of having fun meant “going out” but that has changed as voiced by our consumers who say they have a much more quality time at home when it comes to celebrations, get-togethers and occasions.”

“We have taken a lively, banter-led approach, to communicate the idea of a Happy Snooze Year Party which we hope that the audience will be able to resonate with. Through this campaign, we aim to normalize staying at home on New Year’s Eve, and connect especially with those consumers who love staying at home,” he added. 

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