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Lee Jeans launches new campaign for its new store launch

The brand has collaborated with CupShup for the launch of this campaign.

Lee Jeans, the denim brand has collaborated with CupShup, the integrated marketing solution provider to launch a campaign #TheRealDenim to announce the inauguration of its flagship store on Bengaluru’s bustling Brigade Road. 

The campaign commenced with a week-long activation across multiple locations starting from pre-hype at RCBUnbox event on 26th March. The first phase of the campaign was an innovative  #BrothersInBoxers that was taken live at the Chinnaswamy stadium. Four young boys stood inside the stadium in their boxers with placards communicating that they ‘Won’t be wearing any jeans until the real denim arrives.’

To counter the competitive brand's store, Lee had 30 "boxer brothers" placed around Brigade Road, holding placards as well. At the time of the launch, all these 30 boxer brothers gathered in front of the competitor's store, creating a friendly brand war.

During the pre-launch phase, the campaign also invited participants to discard their old denim on Brigade Road and walk into Lee Jeans' store dressed solely in boxers. In exchange, participants received #TheRealDenim from Lee for free. The challenge was met with enthusiastic participation from both local influencers and regular walk ins, resulting in an impressive turnout.

“Lee has always been a fun brand that is not afraid to be cheeky while being friendly. We leveraged their tonality and translated it into a fun disruptive campaign that was in line with it. This gave the customers something to smile about and arouse their curiosity about the brand. We gave the customers and competition something to smile and talk about for weeks to come. The concept didn’t just stay glued to the locality but percolated down to the masses across the city leading to impressive footfalls.”, said Sourav Kumar, co-founder - CupShup, the Integrated Marketing Solution Provider. 

“Like the saying goes - a successful campaign begins with a disruptive idea. That’s how we executed the launch of the biggest Lee flagship store in Bengaluru, Brigade Rd in March 2023 with CupShup. With their partnership and seamless execution, not only did we arrive in slick style, bringing the party to the city with Boxer Boys dotting the busiest streets with slogans about their quest for the real denim, we also witnessed the crowds rally and cheer for the cause. Lee - the Real Denim has now found a home in Bengaluru.”, said Lokesh Kataria, CMO, Lee and Wrangler, India.

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