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Lenskart partners with MX Player for a miniseries with Lenskart Blu

The show takes a peek into the world of gamers and their quest to find acceptance.

Lenskart has partnered with MX Player to present Gamer’s Den - a mini-series based on the gaming ecosystem in India, powered by Lenskart BLU. With the aim of increasing awareness regarding eyesight health, Lenskart comes in with a strong association. The power-packed glasses have an anti-glare coating, keep harmful UV rays away, and offer maximum vision clarity.

Created by MX Studios, the show takes a peek into the world of gamers and their quest to find acceptance. The series comprises five episodes, each with a run-time of 10-15 minutes. While gaming is still a new age category in India, it is very close to becoming the next phenomenon. One, however, cannot ignore the repercussions of sitting in front of the screen all day long.

Keeping in mind, the need for a solution to one of the biggest pain points.  It was only fitting to introduce Lenskart Blu as the ideal product to combat eye strain due to spending continuous hours on screen. Once powered by Lenskart BLU, the computer glasses effectively block 98% of these blue rays.

The cast of gamers that are featured in the series include Ankit Panth, Saloni Pawar, Amit Thakur, Rishabh Karanwal and Ocean Sharma,who can be seen wearing Lenskart Blu throughout. Further building on that, it fuses well with the brand’s core value “Do More, Be More” which inspires consumers to live up to their full potential in every possible way.

Anupam Tripathi, media head, Lenskart, says, “ With this unique partnership with the OTT market leader, MX Player, we have come up with a never-done-before mini-series that subtly highlights how these awesome individuals have become so much more by doing more. We are glad we could be a part of their special journeys."

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