Aishwarya Ramesh

Lenskart's social campaign tells stories of broken eyewear solutions

While most businesses remain shut during the ongoing nationwide lockdown, Lenskart continues to deliver eyeglasses to those in need...

The revenues of both physical retail outlets and e-commerce businesses have been affected by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown that ensued forced many businesses to find new/other ways of staying afloat. Lenskart is one of the brands that is attempting to solve a very real problem that consumers face.

Most people who wear glasses tend to be completely dependent on them for clear, unhindered vision. Breaking your glasses can mean slamming the brakes on your life for a few days, until you can arrange for another pair. This becomes an increasingly difficult task with the lockdown in place - retail outlets remain shut and e-commerce sites are only allowed to deliver essential commodities. This is how Lenskart is attempting to bridge the 'need' gap that users might face during this pandemic.

To draw emphasis on this service, Lenskart has been running a social media campaign rife with reviews from users, who tell stories about how the brand has helped them by delivering eyeglasses during lockdown. Some of Lenskart's social media posts still contain comments from disgruntled users, asking for the status of their delivery, but the videos are all praise for the e-commerce company.

The campaign also features testimonials from frontline workers, who're battling the Coronavirus. Lenskart has, in fact, donated 10,000 pairs of eyeglasses to these workers.

Lenskart has also used its social channels to acknowledge the fact that more people are working from home now - straining their eyes more in the process. It used the opportunity to advertise its lenses that block the UV light the screens emit.

Ironically, shortly before the pandemic struck, and the subsequent lockdown, Lenskart had invested a sizeable sum of money into the opening of more physical retail outlets. In a recent interview with Business Insider, Lenskart founder Amit Chaudhary expressed the desire to open more than 500 stores in Tier III and Tier IV cities this year (2020). In the same interview, he mentions that the company invests 80 per cent of its marketing budget on digital media, and would continue to do so in the coming years.

Lenskart has a tie-up with influencer Bhuvan Bam, too. He recently posted a photograph of himself wearing sunglasses, and its caption took the fans straight to the e-commerce platform.

Lenskart's last multi-channel campaign (in 2019) also featured Bam. The campaign was to market the 'lightweight' AIR frames the company had introduced, and featured him as the protagonist in a series of ads that ran on TV, digital, and had iterations in the OOH medium, too.