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Levi’s launches new ad campaign starring brand ambassador Deepika Padukone

The TVC is set to the tunes of the classic song ‘Auva Auva Koi Yahan Nache’ and features a diverse set of women from different walks of life.

For over 85 years, Levi’s® has been obsessed with making the perfect pair of jeans for women. The brand that invented the original blue jeans in 1873, the iconic 501® and the first-ever blue jeans for women in 1934 has constantly revolutionized women’s fashion and continues its journey. Today, the brand is as relevant as ever across the world, constantly asserting its authority on style by introducing new range fashion fits.

With the keen objective to attract the next generation of women consumers with relevant fashion-forward offerings, Levi’s® is taking the next step in its journey.

In line with this purpose and increasing their focus on women, Levi’s® launches its new brand campaign centered around the message – ‘When you take a step, we all move’. The campaign featuring Deepika Padukone, celebrates the spirit of women and their collective journey of inspiring and championing each other through authentic self-expression.

Brought alive through the power of music, the TVC is set to the tunes of the timeless classic ‘Auva Auva Koi Yahan Nache’. As part of the visual montage, the film features brand ambassador Deepika Padukone alongside diverse women from everyday walks-of-life dreaming, believing, and taking the step with confidence to live their next big thing. As each woman finds confidence and comfort in expressing their fearless pursuits, it inspires people around her to join in and move with her.

The TVC is cinematically designed to highlight this spread of energy as the bond that unites the sisterhood and inspires a cultural movement. This represents a manifestation of the core campaign message - ‘When you take a step, we all move’.

Commenting on the launch of the new campaign, Saikot Das, Marketing Director – South Asia, Middle East & North Africa at Levi Strauss & Co, said ‘‘The campaign is an ode to the collective movement of women who are moving ahead with strength and shaping a massive cultural change. It’s great to have Deepika as part of the campaign as she embodies what it means to inspire generations to fearlessly chase their dreams and pursuits – a perfect fit to our campaign message ‘When you take a step, we all move’. Through our campaign, we believe we’ll be able to establish a strong connect with our consumers, influence and accelerate the women’s business, further strengthening our leadership in the market.’’

For years, Levi’s® has been empowering women worldwide through unique programs such as HERproject and platforms such as I Shape My World, thereby strengthening communities and investing in generations to come. An active contributor to dialogue around inclusivity, Levi’s distinct campaigns like Circles and its local #ProudtoBeMore campaign sparked conversations around empowerment and formed closer connects with inspired consumers.

Apart from the main film, the TVC will also be curated into multiple renditions to run across media platforms. The campaign will be nationally rolled out using a creative mix of marketing mediums including print, broadcast, and digital.

Having invented the first-ever blue jean for women in 1934, Levi’s® obsession in its pursuit of making the perfect pair of jeans has revolutionized women’s fashion forever. Today, through Deepika’s partnership and a new range of fashion-forward offering in line with the brand DNA of quality and comfort, Levi’s® is taking the next step in its journey to strengthening its denim leadership by appealing to a younger consumer base.