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Levi's revisits its hit 2017 campaign 'Circles' as it looks forward in hope

The brand hopes that one day we will all step out and dance again. 'Circles' was one of Levi's most popular and successful ad campaigns.

Our world is going through a rough patch. The virus has got unto retreat back into our homes while climate change looms on our heads like the blade attached to the guillotine.

During such times, 'hope' is our biggest source of strength and Levi's, the clothing company major has looked at one of its most successful campaigns 'Circles' to find hope for itself and its audiences.

With Jain's 'Makeba' playing in the background, the campaign shows people of different ages, races, colours, and nationalities with abandon. And as they do, as the music grips you too, the messaging appears on the screen, "One Day Soon, We Will Dance Together Again".

The original campaign wanted to celebrate the human connection; something that the world today needs desperately. The United States, home of Levi's is seeing nationwide protests against the killing of George Floyd, a black American at the hands of a Minneapolis police cop. This campaign returns at the right time and can reiterate the need to celebrate the human connection we all share and overcome the hate poisoning the world.

Circles was a hit when it released in 2017. The brand says in a press release, "The campaign is a message about keeping the faith. About hope. The fact that everybody is in this together and they will emerge to again experience life to its fullest. People out there continue to stay safe so that they can once again meet friends and family, dance and listen to music together, go out to eat, watch a movie, take a trip, and soak in other cultural experiences. A life that comprises the little things that bring joy and happiness and that “One Day Soon, We Will All Dance Together Again.”