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Lifebuoy introduces 'bina gas wala' germ kill spray, a la Fogg deodorant

Lifebuoy claims the spray kills 99.9% bacteria and virus, needs no wiping once sprayed, and is safe on the skin as well.

The health pandemic isn't over and with the monsoon making inroads over the Indian peninsula, concerns over health have risen manifold. Thus, prodcuts like sanitisers, handwashes, disinfectants may see a further spike in their already high demand levels.

Lifebuoy has now introduced a 'no-gas germ-kill spray' and claims it kills 99.9% bacteria and germs. The brand, in the 15-second ad, goes on to state that you don't need to wipe this spray once applied anywhere and is safe on the skin as well.

What's interesting to note is the 'bina gas wala...' peg in this ad. Until now, Fogg deodorant used this line as its USP against rival brands in its ads. Less gas meant more spray and thus, value for money and even fragrance. For potential customers of the Lifebuoy spray, it serves as a reassurance that each spray will go into protecting them than as wasted gas.

Recently, Lifebuoy announced it was the official hand sanitiser of the West Indies cricket team. This an opportunte time for the partnership as West Indies is currently touring England for a three match test series, in what will be the first international cricket series after the pandemic enforced lockdowns in countries across the world.

We should also remember that in January 2020, Lifebuoy commissioned a PSA where it urged people to use any soap nearest to them to ensure frequent handwashing.

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