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Lifebuoy PSA cautions against complacency just because lockdowns aren’t in force…

… Urges you to keep washing hands with soap or use an alcohol-based sanitiser.

Lifebuoy’s new Public Service Announcement (PSA) goes back to the basics.

An actor clad in a white lab coat (the usual trope of doctors in Indian adland) tells us that while the lockdown may not be active, it doesn’t mean the virus has left our shores.

We are then urged to keep washing our hands using soap or to use an alcohol-based sanitiser – the basic precautions that were announced when the Coronavirus became a pandemic.

In March 2020, Lifebuoy got actress Kajol, its handwashing ambassador to stress the importance of handwashing as a potent precaution against the Coronavirus. She tells the viewers to use any soap that they have. This, despite her being seen in advertisements for Lifebuoy.

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And back in January last year, the brand, in a print ad, urged readers to wash their hands, irrespective of the brand involved in the process.

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