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LinkedIn's new campaign attempts to reflect WFH and work-life balance realities

The leading global professional social networking site wants you to attempt to find balance between work and play.

LinkedIn has just launched a campaign in India, titled #FindTheBalance. It aims to start honest conversations about the realities of working from home and the struggle of finding work-life balance amid the COVID pandemic.

The 60-second film aims to inspire professionals to find a new perspective and idea of balance. It urges them to look beyond their professional life, embrace their personal identities, and reconnect with their loved ones, colleagues and friends.

In the last 15 months, the Indian workforce has been struggling to cope with the blurred lines between personal and professional lives. In fact, LinkedIn’s ‘Future of Work’ perception study reveals that more than one in three professionals in India are burnt out due to increased workload and stress. Also, nine in 10 professionals believe a hybrid work model is essential for work-life balance.

“Professionals in India are grappling with burnout at this time. Our ‘Future of Work’ perception study also finds that today, professionals value work-life balance (52 per cent) even more than job security (50 per cent). The #FindTheBalance campaign is a reminder for our members to hit pause, reconnect with their family, friends and colleagues, and find a new idea of balance.”

“As the world of work continues to evolve, we are committed to fostering a sense of community for our members to connect, spark conversations, share ideas, and encourage each other to build flexible schedules and a well-rounded lifestyle,” said Sivaram Parameswaran, head of brand marketing, Asia Pacific at LinkedIn.

Through the daily routine of two professionals with varied job roles and at different life stages, the film highlights how professionals today are struggling to keep up with the expectations and demands of their personal lives. Conceptualised and produced by creative agency The Glitch, the treatment leans towards sound design and familiar visuals to showcase the two protagonists, who are stuck in a never-ending loop of monotony that is a reflection of the world we are in.

The film ends with heart-warming moments shared between the protagonists and their loved ones, a reminder of how we can redefine the balance in our lives.

Professionals in India are also taking to LinkedIn to spark conversations, and share tips and learnings about how they can #FindTheBalance to beat the pandemic blues. Vani Kola, managing director at Kalaari Capital, shares tips on how she has found the right balance, while working from home, “Have something that gives you thinking time and me-time. For me, it's my daily meditation.”

For Ankur Warikoo, founder, a regimented schedule works best. “Having dinner by 6.30 p.m., and winding down with family after that; and going to bed by 9.30 p.m., that sets up for a balanced next day.”

“In these uncertain times, it has become easy to prioritise everything else before carving out time to deal with our feelings, emotions, and even anxiety,” shares Adhil Shetty, CEO, “So, I’d like to remind you that in this whirlwind of the current pandemic and resulting anxieties that have strung us along for over a year, take a step back once in a while to take a breath and spend time on yourself and your family.”

The leading global professional social networking site clearly wants you to attempt to find balance between work and play.

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