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Liquid Death lampoons plastic recycling in an over-the-top spot

Because hardly any plastic waste is recycled, a plastic surgeon pumps it into her patients.

Recycling plastic waste, is a great idea, but its execution, is disappointing.

Liquid Death, a canned water company that uses recyclable aluminium cans instead of plastic, has released an over-the-top ad lampooning the state of plastic recycling. It’s the only way to pull attention to this mess.

The brand’s website says:

Plastic recycling is a myth. Most recycling facilities send our plastic to landfills or oceans, because it’s not actually profitable to recycle. So, what should we do with all of this plastic trash? Introducing the Liquid Death Recycled Plastic Surgery Center. A revolutionary new approach to useless plastic garbage.

At the Liquid Death Recycled Plastic Surgery Center, actress, writer, and podcaster Whitney Cummins plays a not-so-real plastic surgeon of the same name. In what can be described as cringe comedy (humour), Cummins talks about her plan to save the oceans from plastic waste – by dumping it into people who’ve opted for plastic surgery.

Agency Party Land made the ad.

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