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Livon uses ‘hair’ to create a self-check guide for breast cancer

Made by Ogilvy’s Content Force, Livon’s ad wants women to self-check their breasts at least once a month.

Livon’s latest 40-second video is a thumb-stopper. Why? Because it reimagines double doughnut buns as breasts and teaches women how to self-check for cancer.

One woman in India is diagnosed with breast cancer every four minutes, says the hair serum brand from Marico, an Indian multinational company.

Using the hashtag #KeepAbreastAndLivon, Livon urges women to check for breast cancer every month to beat the disease.

Ogilvy’s Content Force made the short-form video and has partnered with Dr Lakshmi Sukumaran, a breast cancer survivor and a cardiac anaesthesiologist, to guide followers (women) in the right way to check their breasts.

The effort takes one back to 2019, when Ogilvy’s sibling ad giant, Wunderman Thompson, made The Soap With A Lump for Lux, a soap brand from Hindustan Unilever (HUL). (Both Ogilvy and Wunderman Thompson count agency holding network WPP as their parent company.)

The Soap With A Lump has a visible lump that reminds women to check their breasts every time they take a bath. Research behind the campaign shows that 75% of Indian women shy away from self-examination, said the agency on YouTube.

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