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Lola Kutty joins HDFC Bank as a 'Vigil Aunty'

She aims to promote safe banking by using her content creation skills.

HDFC Bank’s newest employee is not your everyday worker. In an earlier avatar, she was one of India’s most popular VJs. Today, she has donned the role of a 'Vigil Aunty' to warn people against all kinds of frauds and talk about safe banking.

Anuradha Menon, aka Lola Kutty, is the banking giant’s influencer. Through fun content, she will explain the funda of safe banking to Gen Z and millennials.

"In the online world, customers are increasingly engaging with social media influencers and content creators to seek information and guidance on a wide variety of topics, ranging from food to travel to entertainment. Hence, we decided to create our very own social media influencer, 'Vigil Aunty', to provide customers with information on safe banking habits,” said Ravi Santhanam in a press release.

Santhanam is HDFC Bank’s chief marketing officer, and head of corporate communication, liability products and managed programmes.

There is a YouTube Shorts on the origins of 'Vigil Aunty' and her powers to detect frauds through hiccups.

“Anu Menon fitted the role perfectly, as she is highly effective in engaging with people. Her comic actions, with her command over several languages, leads us to believe that she will be able to inspire people across the country in adopting safe banking habits,” explains Santhanam.

The ad was made by Kinnect and Boathouse Media was the production house.

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