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Lowe Lintas and Naukri collaborate to launch a new campaign targeting the younger workforce

The campaign is now live on the JioCinema IPL feed and other online platforms.

Lowe Lintas has joined forces with, India's premier careers platform, to introduce a new campaign tailored specifically for the ambitious Gen Z workforce. The campaign aims to reinforce Naukri’s position as the preferred destination for young professionals, by showcasing & legitimising their ambitious behavior.

In today's dynamic corporate landscape, the younger individuals are characterised by their ambition, drive, and determination to succeed. In a world governed by age-old rules and wisdom, Gen Z are in a hurry when it comes to careers. They are ambitious for growth, unwilling to settle for anything lesser than their goals. And while the world may see it as a not so positive trait, they see it as essential for getting ahead in their professional journeys.

Recognising this trait, Naukri & Lowe Lintas has conceptualised a strategic campaign focused for this discerning demographic.

Intended to go live during IPL where ACDs are no more than 15 seconds, the campaign leverages compelling storytelling and resonant messaging, to connect with Gen Z job seekers on a deeper level. Developed in a tone and manner that is quintessential ‘Naukri’ – insightful & light-hearted yet thought provoking, the films exhibit the change that has begun shaping careers all over.

Sumeet Singh, CMO, Info Edge (India) Limited, expresses her enthusiasm for the collaboration, remarking, "Naukri has always championed the cause of India’s professionals. With this campaign, we are siding with the ambitious Gen-Z, who now make up most of the country’s workforce, and we’re teaming up with them for their career building.”

Vasudha Mishra, regional creative officer, Lowe Lintas, shares her insights on the campaign, stating, "When it comes to jobs, the young are not reticent. They know what they want, and they cannot be gaslighted into settling for less. Especially when they have as their ally, Naukri, one of the most iconic modern brands of India. Two spots, done with the signature irreverent style of the brand, done by our fabulously talented team at Lowe Lintas.”

The campaign is now live on the JioCinema IPL feed and other online platforms.

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