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LT Foods redefines culinary romance with the delectable 'Daawat Biryani Kit' in latest campaign

The campaign features a husband charming his wife while engaging in playful banter over a delicious Biryani meal.

LT Foods the Indian-origin global FMCG Company in the consumer food space, has launched a digital campaign for ‘Daawat Biryani Kit’, that elevates the joy of preparing authentic Biryani at home conveniently and allows consumers to relish the world’s most cherished delicacy with their loved ones.  

‘Daawat Biryani Kit' launched in the year 2022 is a curation of Daawat Basmati, authentic Biryani paste, whole spices and raita seasoning to complete an authentic biryani experience. Offering a selection of three iconic regional variants - Hyderabadi, Kolkata, and Lucknowi - each kit is a comprehensive package containing all the essentials needed to effortlessly craft an authentic biryani conveniently.

In its latest digital campaign, the brand will carve a unique niche in the convenience segment while upholding the authenticity of Biryani. Tailored for food enthusiasts, particularly Biryani lovers, the campaign celebrates the pleasure of concocting a flawless Biryani at home in just 30 minutes. It strengthens Daawat Biryani Kit’s positioning as a ready-to-cook solution, offering the dual benefits of authenticity with convenience.  

This campaign showcases how a loving husband serenades his wife over a mouth-watering Biryani.

Speaking on the new digital campaign, Ritesh Arora, CEO, India and Far East Business, LT Foods, said, “In our pursuit of culinary innovation and understanding the pulse of our consumers, we at LT Foods are on a mission to address the ever-evolving needs of the consumers. Our Daawat Biryani Kit is designed to enable the experience of preparing an authentic Biryani conveniently at home. Our focus with Daawat Biryani Kit is to create a unique category in the convenience segment, all while preserving the authenticity that Biryani enthusiasts cherish. We recognise that Biryani is more than just sustenance; it is a way of expressing emotions and bringing people together. Crafting an authentic Biryani is an art which requires precision, attention to detail, and time.”                             

He further added, “Daawat is committed to offering thoughtfully curated Biryani recipe solutions helping to prepare Biryani effortlessly anytime at home in 3 easy steps, with love and mélange of Basmati & Spices, to make any occasion a memorable moment with loved ones. With the Daawat Biryani Kit, we are taking authentic Biryani experience across the globe by leveraging our strong distribution network. It is already available in key markets outside India in select retail channels across the U.K., Australia, and Europe, and very soon, the Daawat Biryani Kit will be available in North America and Middle East markets”. 

Excited about the latest TVC campaign, Ganapathy Subramaniam, VP & head of marketing, LT Foods, shared, “Our newest digital creative is not just about culinary excellence; it's a delightful journey of people bonding over Biryani. In this campaign, we want to showcase that everyone can experience the thrill of crafting an authentic biryani for their loved ones with ease using Daawat Biryani Kit. Let’s personalise our Biryani moments. This campaign is a celebration of those who yearn for the joy of crafting this iconic dish effortlessly in just 30 minutes.”

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