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Maaza's new ad seeks to bring families together

The film brings back brand ambassadors Amitabh Bachchan and Pooja Hegde.

Maaza, Coca-Cola's homegrown mango drink has rolled out a new ad film as a part of its larger 'Dildaar Bana De' campaign. The ad film brings back actors and ambassadors Amitabh Bachchan and Pooja Hegde.

The TVC depicts Bachchan and Hegde playing the role of a grandfather and granddaughter duo, who can be seen enjoying a fun exchange of untold family stories over a glass (or two) of Maaza. The film aims to showcase how fun moments and conversations with the family shine bright, the happiness is enhanced when people come together and share their stories and create unbreakable bonds.

In the ad film, Maaza aims to establish itself as the beverage of choice of families in moments of togetherness. The brand also aims to contribute to the socio-economic empowerment of Indian farmers. The homegrown brand Maaza is manufactured locally, using local ingredients, in line with Coca-Cola India’s sustainable agriculture Initiative – ‘Fruit Circular Economy’.

Reportedly, in Feburary 2022, Maaza had reported total sales of Rs 2,826 crore in FY21 in the domestic market, which is higher than the sales of Coke in India.

Speaking about the new campaign, Ajay Konale, director marketing, nutrition category, Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia said, “Earlier this year, we unveiled Maaza’s new umbrella campaign around ‘Dildaari’ this helped reinforce Maaza as the ultimate mango experience in a distinctive way. Mango as a fruit has a unique and distinctive role in India. Whole families come together over mangoes. As an authentic mango experience, Maaza wants to dial up this coming together of families, generations over the love of mangoes and sweeten these moments of togetherness..."

The campaign film has been conceptualised by Maaza’s creative partner Ogilvy. Commenting on the creative insight behind the campaign, Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India says, “In today’s fast-paced life, families seek some time to spend together to bond with each other. Maaza with its real mango flavour is the perfect temptation for everyone in the family to forget everything and bond over the taste of juicy mangoes.”

The film has been directed by Shoojit Sircar. He says, “Lately we all have been so busy that we have been missing these key moments with our near and dear ones. What I enjoyed was the bit where Mr. Bachchan as Pooja’s grandfather tries these little tricks to bring the whole family together and talk which fills the room up in laughter.”

The campaign film is third-in-line under the brand’s larger campaign ‘Dildaar Bana De. This summer, the brand had also launched its variant in the Indian market - Aam Panna.

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