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Madison Media Ace and Snapchat come together to give a new look to ‘The Golden Wings of Park Avenue Fragrance’

Madison Media Ace and Httpool devised a strategy to bank on user behaviour.

Park Avenue Fragrances, a premium international men's grooming brand, is a growing haven for the modern man. Under the Raymond Umbrella, Park Avenue Fragrance strives to offer top-quality personal care, men's apparel, and of course first-class grooming products!

Park Avenue Fragrance has utilised the increasing adoption of AR to raise awareness of their new product line dedicated to men's grooming. The line is available on all major online retailers, including Amazon, however, Park Avenue Fragrance has also taken its advertising efforts one step further. Madison Media Ace and Httpool devised a strategy to bank on user behaviour. Demonstrating their recognition of Gen Z's buying power, Park Avenue Fragrance has branched out its ads on Snapchat, providing Snapchatters (soon-to-be customers) with the opportunity to form a digital connection with the brand. These innovative AR lenses enable users to see various models of deodorant available, featured alongside the classic Park Avenue Fragrance logo, and of course, a link to purchase.

The main target audience is young professionals from Urban India, who of course already possess a level of swag, and are expressive about their choice of clothing, as well as their scent! Unlike other ageing brands, this brand wanted to engage with its consumers in a stylish way, and the consumers were not disappointed!

The fundamental objective of Park Avenue Fragrances was to not only engage with existing customers, but also expand its reach, and form connections with new and impressionable generations. To achieve this, they not only focused on video campaigns, but also opted for a Snapchat customised lens, allowing users to engage and share. Reports show that a massive percentage of users who engaged with the lens also shared their experience, creating a viral snowball effect, and in a world of growing technology you can never go wrong with a viral snowball! Not to mention the 1.8 Cr (yes, you read that right) impressions the lens was able to deliver, achieving an impressive 49% over the initially planned benchmark.

Httpool, Madison Media Ace, and Snapchat partnered with Park Avenue Fragrance to create a memorable experience that would get users buzzing and conversations flowing, this meant that everyone was very open to new and exciting ideas. Together we created custom lens, harnessing the huge potential of audiences who engage on Snapchat, to create the perfect impact. Undisputedly, with over 1 Lakh swipe- ups, 46,000 shares, 38,000 saves, and an average 8.27 play-time, it is safe to say that Park Avenue fragrance got this one in the bag. We are excited to see what's next from Park Avenue Fragrance’s campaigns, bringing their iconic wings to life, and continuously adding an interesting, larger-than-life perspective to the camera.

Here is what the industry leader from Raymond, Snapchat, and Madison Media Ace had to say:

“We have always believed that we need to keep evolving with the consumer mindset. In a category like fragrance, we wanted to make sure the consumer not only sees our communication but also gets a chance to remember the brand in a different way. Thanks to Madison Media Ace and Snapchat, who helped us develop and build such an amazing concept, we were able to effectively connect with the users, and we look forward to many more.”

- Pooja Sahgal, marketing Head, Raymond Consumer Care Ltd.

“With the attention span of Gen Z falling, it is important for brands today to find ways to keep the consumers engaged. With the collaboration with Snapchat, we did exactly that. We gave new ways for the lens-savvy consumers of today, a chance to try out how the iconic wings look on them. Happy to be a partner of Raymond Consumer Care Ltd in creating such a campaign.”

- Vandana Ramkrishna, COO, Madison Media Ace

“Our varied ad products have more than often empowered brands like Park Avenue Fragrance to connect with their audiences in the most innovative and unimaginable ways. We are thrilled that Snap’s measurable AR engagement has helped in delivering some noteworthy outcomes through the custom lens.”

- Vikas Pandey, Snapchat India

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