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Maggi brings back the “It’s different” tagline in new ad

It’s for the brand’s HOT & SWEET® Tomato Chili Sauce.

Nestle Maggi has brought back one of the most popular taglines “It’s different” in a new ad for its HOT & SWEET® Tomato Chili Sauce.

25-seconds long, we see the guy ask what’s so great about this sauce. But, he is only able to understand what’s so great about it after he tastes it.

Most people will remember hearing this tagline from the 90s ads featuring Javed Jaffrey and Pankaj Kapur.

But, we saw Jaffery return to Maggi in the 2000s when he starred in a few ads for the sauce; aimed at the next generation of the audience than the ones in the 90s. This campaign also featured Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.