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MAGGI turns 40; releases ad for Masala-ae-Magic

The spot shows how regular home-cooked meals can be made interesting with the help of MAGGI spices.

Over the last 40 years, MAGGI, the leading instant noodle brand from Nestlé, has expanded its footprint in the spices category, with Masala-ae-Magic and its south-specific offering Masala-vin-Magic, making it a good option in daily cooking for mothers throughout India. MAGGI’s attempt, all these years, has been to provide convenience and taste to its consumers.

MAGGI, through its partnership with the spice farmers, has created products, such as Masala-ae-Magic, that aim to bring a positive difference in daily cooking. As per the brand, Masala-ae-Magic reaches out to approximately 10 million households in the country.

Masala-ae-Magic recently launched a campaign that features a mother. She always ensures that every dish prepared for her loved ones is ‘Kamaal’, and reinstates the importance of daily meals.

Talking about the milestone campaign, Rajat Jain, head – foods business, Nestlé India, said, “MAGGI has been an integral part of the lives of millions of Indians for four decades. While Indian cooking tradition remains anchored in our love for fresh food and century-old recipes, it is being silently transformed. At MAGGI, we deeply understand this transformation and see evolving consumer need for extraordinary taste in food and the increasing reliance on digital ecosystems for daily cooking.”

“Our understanding of the Indian consumer palate has helped us create the perfect masala offering, in the form of MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic that we believe has the power to enhance the taste of food that a mother cooks for her family. Through our campaign, we wish to communicate that with Masala-ae-Magic in your ‘masala daani’, you can be assured of cooking ‘Kamaal’ meals every day.”

MAGGI also has a consumer-friendly website, ‘’, where users can access hundreds of daily recipes. The selection of popular recipes from across the country is organised under three areas: ‘Made Easy’, ‘Made With a Twist’, and ‘Made Healthier’.

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