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Magicbricks launches 'NoMoreTaalna' campaign to inspire homeownership in 2024

The animated campaign has been conceptualised by RK Swamy.

As the new year kicks off, Magicbricks has initiated its 'NoMoreTaalna' digital campaign to motivate people to chase their goals, especially the aspiration of owning a home by 2024. The campaign focuses on addressing the widespread habit of procrastination and promises prospective homebuyers that by choosing Magicbricks as their reliable partner, they can steer clear of avoidable delays in the process.The campaign, resonating with the commitment theme, seeks to playfully motivate customers to overcome procrastination and turn their homeownership aspirations into reality.

Devarshy R. Ganguly, head of marketing at Magicbricks, emphasised the real estate sector in India, driven by the increasing interest of digitally savvy Millennials and Gen Z. The campaign reflects Magicbricks' dedication to seamlessly connecting the aspirations of homebuyers and sellers, contributing to a vibrant real estate landscape.

Ankur Suman, executive creative director at RK SWAMY, highlighted the relatable theme of procrastination in decisions related to home buying. The campaign's central message, 'NoMoreTaalna,' conveys that seemingly insignificant events can lead to delays in important decisions. It reaffirms Magicbricks' role as a partner in the journey toward achieving dream homes. The campaign features an animated video with lyrics by Ankush Sharma.

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