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Magicrete unveils a new campaign for for its tile adhesive product range with Sumeet Vyas

The campaign highlights the advantages of using tile adhesive over traditional cement-based methods for tile installation.

Magicrete, a frontline producer of AAC Blocks, construction chemicals, and precast construction solutions announces the launch of its latest ad campaign for its tile adhesive product range. This campaign, featuring actor Sumeet Vyas, highlights the advantages of using tile adhesive over traditional cement-based methods for tile installation. The ad showcases the superior strength, durability, and ease of use that Magicrete's Tile Adhesive offers, ensuring a flawless and long-lasting finish. The advertisement video is now live on YouTube, Meta, and various OTT platforms.

The ad campaign demonstrates the common pitfalls of using sand and cement mix for fixing tiles, such as cracking and debonding. Through compelling visuals and storytelling, the campaign educates consumers on why tile adhesive is a superior choice, emphasising the product’s strength and longevity.

"In India, many people still rely on traditional methods like sand and cement for tile installation. While these methods have been in use for decades, they come with significant drawbacks, such as weak adhesion and tile breakage. Countries around the world have embraced tile adhesives, leading to widespread adoption and significant market penetration. However, in India, the penetration of tile adhesives remains at a modest 15%, highlighting a substantial opportunity for growth and modernization in the construction industry. As India advances over development index, homeowners have become more discerning and seek better products for their homes. Our Tile Adhesives meet their evolving needs, offering superior performance and peace of mind," said Sourabh Bansal, MD, Magicrete.

Talking about the concept, Rishav Rastogi, director, Cellar Door Productions, said, “This is the second time we have had the pleasure of working with Magicrete, albeit on a different product range. The tagline ‘Naya Ghar Banta Hai Magicrete se’ resonated perfectly well with the company’s range of Tile Adhesive products. The campaign marks a significant shift in how people perceive home building. It encourages homeowners to move beyond traditional methods of fixing tiles, embracing the superior technology and durability of Magicrete’s products. Sumeet Vyas, with his relatable on-screen presence brings the character to life and embodies the trust that we wanted to convey. The two ad campaigns are set to revolutionise the way people think about tile installation.”

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