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Magnum's new ad goes against the metaverse hype

The 100 second ad film features a virtual character in the metaverse and is directed by Mullenlowe Madrid

Ice cream brand Magnum has recently released an ad campaign. The ad film follows a virtual character Luna in the metaverse. In a role reversal of sorts, Luna tries to pursue a real life pleasure which in the film is depicted to be the taste of a Magnum Ice Cream. The 100-second ad film follows this avatar who puts on virtual reality goggles to escape the digital world. She is then presented with a Magnum ice cream that she is unable to eat. After taking of the goggles, ‘Not available in the Metaverse’ appears on the screen.

"However, despite her efforts, she is unable to ever truly experience this, as some pleasures (such as biting into a Magnum) are only available to Pleasure Seekers in the real world," the brand says in a release.

The brand's campaign is titled 'Metaverse'. The lead agency behind this ad film is LOLO Mullenlowe Madrid.

The parent company of Magnum, Unilever, has been exploring the concept of Metaverse in promoting multiple of its brands. In June, 2022, the company said that its brands are beginning to explore the metaverse, calling it a virtual realm where real-world limits don’t apply. In this particular ad campaign, the brand is expanding the thought that real life pleasures can't be extracted in the metaverse.

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