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Malvika Mehra’s next big move - onwards to The Good Glamm Group

A chat with the company’s new chief creative officer on her roles and responsibilities.

Malvika Mehra recently took to LinkedIn to announce that she will be joining The Good Glamm Group as chief creative officer. She will be responsible for leading the creative mandate for brands across The Good Glamm Group’s portfolio. These include the likes of MyGlamm, POPxo, The Moms Co., Sirona, St. Botanica, Organic Harvest and Baby Chakra.

The Good Glamm Group is also home to digital content and media companies such as ScoopWhoop, POPxo, MissMalini Entertainment and Baby Chakra.

In addition to being a veteran in the advertising world with nearly 30 years of experience, Mehra is also an entrepreneur. She founded Tomorrow Creative Lab. Her previous stints at agencies include the likes of Ogilvy (15-plus years), Grey Group (five years) and Dentsu India.

“After being in advertising for a long time and testing the entrepreneurial waters, I took on this role because it was completely new territory for me,” Mehra tells afaqs! over a call.

Malvika Mehra
Malvika Mehra

“It is interesting because it is a client role and a creative role, all rolled into one. I’m really looking forward to this, in terms of the role and its function. I’ll be leading the peer mandate and strategic thinking across the brands within The Good Glamm Group,” she adds.

Mehra is intrigued by the fact that the company’s portfolio also includes media and content houses. “I’m hoping to be able to use different tools to create interesting work for the brands.”

She will be responsible for the brand’s messaging and strategic thinking across online and offline channels - including mainline advertising, performance marketing, social media, community marketplace stores, etc.

Mehra says she is looking forward to working alongside Sukhleen Aneja, CEO of The Good Glamm Group, to build effective brands for Indian consumers.

“I’m trying to focus on the sweet spot between brand desire and growth. The opportunity I have here, is to do work that also impacts the growth of the company. That’s going to be an interesting journey for me. Obviously, I’ve been doing that while working at agencies too, but this is going to be a lot closer to home, in terms of affecting business growth,” Mehra informs.

She lists working at mainline agencies as one of her strengths and says she is looking forward to working with the digital medium to create work for The Good Glamm Group’s brands, design products, etc. “It’s an expanded canvas for creative expression and that’s what I’m looking forward to,” says Mehra.

Prior to joining the group, she had also been working as an independent consultant. She recalls getting a call from Aneja to come on board.

“It’s a content to commerce company and we can use the might of the existing media and creator companies to further build the brand This is a new space for me and I’m looking forward to working in it,” she says.

Mehra calls herself a creative professional at heart and says that the biggest difference is that she is now an internal stakeholder in the company, creating change from the inside, rather than working from the outside. “I’m looking forward to using my skills as an advertising professional and an entrepreneur to create impact here.”

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