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Mamaearth channels maternal wisdom in its 'Maa Paas Nahi To Mamaearth Hi Sahi' campaign

Mamaearth's Easy Tummy Roll-On soothes babies' digestive discomfort, using the traditional practice of hing-infused water for colic and gas relief.

Mamaearth, an Indian brand for natural personal care products, has launched its latest campaign celebrating wisdom of mothers and the profound impact they have on shaping their children's lives.

Titled Maa Paas Nahi, Toh Mamaearth Hi Sahi the campaign is a heartfelt tribute to the enduring love, guidance, and support that mothers offer, inspiring Mamaearth to create products rooted in the wisdom of traditional remedies and grandmothers' nuskha.

This 83-second ad film is conceptualised by Havas Worldwide India, and the brand plans to launch another film under the Maa Paas Nahi, Toh Mamaearth Hi Sahi campaign.

The film showcases a new mom struggling to soothe her crying baby, desperately missing the comforting advice and nuskha her own mother used to offer.

Through a video call, she expresses her feelings of helplessness until she discovers Mamaearth's Easy Tummy Roll-On, a gentle reminder of her mother's love and care.

Sharing her thoughts on the campaign, Anuja Mishra, EVP and chief marketing officer, Honasa Consumer Limited, said, "For Mamaearth, this campaign is not just a message but a reflection of our beginnings — a journey sparked by the timeless wisdom and nurturing love of a mother. We understand that there may be times when you may need to be away from your mom, yet still seek her advice. No one can substitute a mother, but as a brand, our endeavor is to bring Maa’s age-old beauty and care secrets to you. From traditional remedies to modern-day practices, mothers have always stood as pillars of family well-being, passing down invaluable wisdom through the ages. Drawing inspiration from this deep-rooted understanding, our campaign celebrates the enduring legacy of motherhood and honors the unique journey of each mother who has nurtured, protected, and empowered her children, even from afar. This campaign not only underscores our commitment to innovation and responsiveness to evolving consumer needs but also reflects our dedication to harnessing the inherent power of nature to create safe and effective products for new mothers and their families."

Anupama Ramaswamy, chief creative officer, Havas Worldwide India commented, “Mother knows best. She knows the unsaid things and what's best for her child. It's in her pearls of wisdom drawn from age-old traditions. And yet, she will not forever be around. And that's when you miss her and her small nuskhe the most that made life so easy. We are proud to bring these nuskhe to life in easy-to-use ways, making it feel like maa is always near you. With this, we crafted two heartwarming stories of a struggling new mom and a fresh out-of-home teenager, each looking to their mothers for help and how the mother already knew what's best for them.”

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