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Manisha Kapoor re-elected as ICAS Vice-President

ASCI was awarded at the International Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (ICAS) Awards 2023.

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has won a prestigious award at the International Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (ICAS) Awards 2023. The award highlights the successful initiatives by the self-regulatory organisation (SRO) and its contribution towards ensuring higher ethical standards in Indian advertising. The award ASCI won is: The Inspiration Award – for the best charter commitment initiative of SROs with limited resources: This award recognises ASCI’s thought leadership initiatives in creating a roadmap for more progressive advertising, through collaborations with multiple stakeholders. Key initiatives include the GenderNext study, which focused on the harm caused by stereotypical representation and proposed the 3S framework for progressive advertising, the Ed-Next- a study on the ed-tech sector, the Dark Patterns discussion paper, among others.

Manisha Kapoor, CEO and Secretary General of ASCI, received the award at the ceremony held in Istanbul. The event, which comprised awards and seminars on a global scale, was attended by members of SROs, and officials from around the world. This global recognition is a testament to ASCI’s self-regulatory practices in the Indian advertising industry, which safeguards the inclusion and interests of all stakeholders.

Kapoor also presented the ‘Influencer Marketing – The India Experience and Learnings’ report to the Turkish government and ROK, the Turkish ad self-regulator which helped other attendees get a deeper understanding of the work done by ASCI in this growing space. Her participation in the panel discussion on ‘Dark Patterns – How Ad Standards Bodies Can Contribute to Fair Designs’ emphasised the crucial role such bodies play in promoting ethical practices. Recently, ASCI released a paper on Dark Patterns that aimed to spread awareness about misleading digital advertising practices that deceive or manipulate consumers.

Kapoor was also re-elected as Vice-President of ICAS. She has been an active member of ICAS and is at the forefront of advocating for ethical advertising practices and consumer protection.

Kapoor said: “We are honoured to receive the award and also at the re-election. The reappointment is a validation of the role that ASCI has played on the global platform over the past 35 years. Our association with ICAS is the next step towards taking the best advertising and self-regulation practises across borders, which can help in the development of the advertising sector while safeguarding the interests of consumers. It will also help advance our shared goals and ensure that self-regulation remains an essential part of our industry. We also congratulate other fellow SRO countries who have done some amazing work.”

ASCI’s strides at ICAS highlight its continued efforts to make a positive impact on the advertising industry and society as a whole. Through its innovative and inspiring work, ASCI is setting a roadmap for other advertising SROs around the world.

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