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Mankind Pharma gets Piyush Mishra to spread message of kindness in long-format ad

The four-minute-long film narrates the story of 'Manohar Bhai', who runs 'Janta Hotel', but had to sell it due to personal reasons. A young guy buys it and then gifts it back to 'Manohar Bhai'.

One of India's leading pharmaceutical companies Mankind Pharma has just released its Diwali campaign that emphasises on the message of #SpreadingKindness.

A four-minute-long ad has been released by the company as a part of the campaign. It features actor and writer Piyush Mishra.

Conceptualised by creative agency SG Media, the film narrates the message of how ‘kindness resides in all of us, we just have to find it for others’.

The video reflects the story of a restaurant owner 'Manohar Bhai', who has always been there for others in times of need. Due to the current situation, where his wife is extremely unwell and he is short of resources, he is forced to sell his restaurant 'Janta Hotel' to make ends meet and pay for his wife’s medical bills. At the end, a young guy comes to his rescue by buying his restaurant and then surprises him by gifting it back to him.

Commenting on the launch of the film, Rajeev Juneja, CEO of Mankind Pharma, said, “Through this campaign, we would like to spread the message that together we can all make a big difference to the families who need our help most. The video campaign is an attempt by Mankind Pharma to deliver the message of ‘Celebrating Diwali by Spreading Kindness’.”

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