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Marriott Bonvoy calls on the spirit of travel in a new global campaign 

It says travel is key to healing, after a year’s worth of staying indoors.

“We are not here on this planet to close our eyes to the world. We are here to go out and experience its many wonders…”

A couple of years ago, we’d have discarded such a line as “another travel ad”. Today, we welcome it with open arms and, for some, their eyes even have a tear or two.

To say travel has suffered in the past one-and-a-half years is to do a disservice to the category. It nearly died. But it persevered, and the wanderlust spirit lives on.

And calling out that traveller’s spirit is Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International’s award-winning travel program and marketplace.

Through its new global “Power of Travel” campaign, it is calling on the world to embrace the transformative power of travel as a vital pathway to growth, healing and unity.

“When we step out into the world, we are forever transformed by the places, cultures, and people we encounter,” said Brian Povinelli, senior vice president, brand, loyalty, and portfolio marketing, Marriott International.

“Travel has an unmistakable impact on the human spirit. And, in light of the past year, this is a pivotal moment to recognise the importance of stretching out beyond our own small corners in an effort to better ourselves and society as a whole,” he went on to add.

Along with the ad, people around the world are invited to join the conversation and connect with one another by sharing their memories of how #TravelMakesUs on Instagram and TikTok.

The campaign will air during the NBA Finals, and also symbolically during the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo. You can also catch the campaign across streaming and key collective viewing moments on television, in-flight entertainment, digital, social, and out of home placements over the next few months.