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Mastercard India swipes in Karan Johar to promote its ‘tap and go’ feature

It battles Visa for the same feature and two now tackle the ginormous rise in popularity of UPI.

Mastercard India’s new for its ‘tap and go’ features one of the most visible faces in the country’s entertainment circuit — Karan Johar.

A short ad, that reminds of Vogue’s ‘73 questions’ interview format, has Johar answer questions about his favourite movies, his success secrets, his favourite locations (It’s like the ad-makers spoofed the PR agency vetted question culture) before going on to pitch the card brand’s feature.

We first saw the feature in an ad from Visa India three years ago. Mastercard’s ad is late and now it also has to battle the massive popularity of UPI that has shaken up the Indian payments system.

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