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MATTER launches 22nd-century motorbike campaign for AERA ft. Vicky Kaushal

The 22nd Century Motorbike, MATTER AERA, featuring Vicky Kaushal as an anti-thesis, represents a passionate motorbiker with a geek on the other side that represents an innovator.

MATTER, a tech innovation-led start-up, in collaboration with a differentiated creative agency, The Womb, and film star Vicky Kaushal, has designed a communication that redefines storytelling. A series of ads for "The 22nd Century Motorbike," MATTER AERA, featuring Vicky Kaushal as an anti-thesis, represents a passionate motorbiker with a geek on the other side that represents an innovator.

The "Vicky Knows" films depict the limitations and paradoxes of the motorbikes of the 21st century, which are the norms of yesterday, and how MATTER AERA has resolved those limitations and paradoxes through the latest technology deployment and innovations.

The conversational scripts feature Vicky’s garage, proudly boasted with bikes of the 21st century, only to realise the moment of disruption as the geek enters and points out a stunning MATTER electric motorbike, the 22nd-century bike. As a passionate biker, Vicky instantly falls in love with the MATTER electric bike and announces his claim on it, but Geek doesn’t miss the chance to say that the future is different, and if one is not embracing it at once, then the world is bound to tag him as a laggard. To emphasise the point, geek calls Vicky an uncle in a most cheeky way. At that high point, with the MATTER electric bike featured being ridden on the road in all its glory, the announcement of the "Pre-bookings to open" message follows. 

The campaign will include five feature-led films. The glory of MATTER AERA and its technologies makes Vicky realise that he knows nothing about future motorbikes. Learning the interesting facts about the MATTER Electric motorbike turns him into a believer that the MATTER AERA, is indeed the 22nd Century Motorbike.

Speaking about the campaign, Santosh Deshmukh, marketing head, MATTER, said, "At MATTER, we are not settling for any limitations or paradoxes that 21st-century mobility settled for; we are creating new mobility that is futuristic and innovative. There couldn’t be a better approach than convincing the bikers out there through interesting storytelling. Inspiring them to walk the path of the future along with MATTER, which is leading into the next century today. Vicky being presented as an antithesis while he captures the nuances of next-tech mobility is making the whole plot interesting. Bikers are going to watch this interesting piece of communication, learn about the MATTER electric bike, and embrace it.

Commenting on the strategy of communication, Heval Patel, head of account management, The Womb, said, "India has a market of over 1.4 crore motorbikes, and MATTER had to be positioned as the best alternative ready to disrupt the market. It is important that today’s petrol biker finds the MATTER electric motorbike relatable, given that its riding experience is unapologetic, unlike other EVs. We were clear that a real motorbike (an EV bike with gears) built from the ground up with unparallel tech was going to be the bike that changed the language of bike riding in India. With MATTER electric motorbikes, India will ride into the 22nd century."

Credits from Agency: The Womb

Founding Partners: Kawal Shoor & Navin Talreja

Creative Team: Suyash Khabya, Vikrant Wadkar, Abutalha Ansari

Planning Team: Neha Punjabi, Pranav Shetty, Nikhil Pillai, Adit Jhaveri

Account Management: Heval Patel, Dipty Gurjar, Vidhi Vorani

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