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Max Protein launches ‘Protein Police’ campaign featuring Kartik Aaryan

The film has been conceptualised by Schbang Delhi, produced by Schbang Motion Pictures and directed by Rajat Mehtani.

Leading protein-snacking brand, Max Protein unveils its new TVC campaign, ‘Protein Police’ featuring their brand ambassador, Bollywood Superstar Kartik Aaryan. The campaign aims at promoting protein snacking as a healthy lifestyle choice that doesn’t require compromising on taste or convenience. Through this campaign, Max Protein is redefining the concept of snacking by encouraging consumers to make healthier snacking choices and spreading awareness about the brand's protein-rich snack products.

The concept of "Protein Snacking Matlab No Cheating" emphasizes on the fact that there's no need to cheat on your health goals as Max Protein’s products are not only high in protein but also delicious and satisfying. The use of the word ‘cheating’ implies that snacking options may not be as healthy and can be seen as indulgences, whereas protein snacks provide a better alternative. The campaign's creative concept uses humour and relatable situations to engage with the audience and highlight the importance of choosing healthier snacking options. Kartik Aaryan's quirky, humorous persona, popularity and relatability with the masses make him the perfect fit to resonate Max Protein’s messaging with their audience.

This campaign targets a younger demographic, including millennials and Gen Z, to create a behavioural change in their snacking choices by steering them towards a high-protein snack option that is also convenient and tasty. Max Protein wants to bring about a lifestyle revolution by inspiring and encouraging people to make protein snacking a part of their daily routine and take a step towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Commenting on the campaign, Vijay Uttarwar, CEO, Naturell India (Max Protein), said, "At Max Protein, we believe that snacking shouldn't be about compromising on taste or health. We strive to provide our consumers with the best of both worlds, and that's what sets us apart. With the launch of our Protein Police campaign, we aim to not only create a new category of snacking but also start a conversation about the importance of protein in our diets. Our partnership with Schbang, as our mainline agency, has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life. As we continue to innovate and disrupt the world of snacking, we remain committed to providing our consumers with delicious and nutritious options that they can enjoy guilt-free."

Manish Kinger, executive creative director, Schbang Delhi said, "The brief was simple, let’s disrupt the world of snacking while positioning Max Protein as a tasty and high-protein go-to snack. In this objective to start a new conversation, we saw an opportunity to create a whole new category of snacking, and ‘protein-snacking’ was born. To deliver the truth of ‘Protein-snacking Matlab no Cheating’, we created Protein Police. This behavior change Police exists to convert snacking occasions into self-reflection occasions, nudging the audience to look for protein in their snacks and indulge in protein-snacking instead. This film is one of the many protein-snacking interventions that we will be introducing under the universe of Protein Police."

Commenting on the same, Ravinder Varma, brand manager, Naturell India (Max Protein), said, "At Max Protein, we are thrilled to introduce our latest campaign, Protein Police, with the Superstar Kartik Aaryan as our brand ambassador. With this campaign, we aim to bring awareness to the importance of protein snacking and position Max Protein as the daily high-protein snacking option with a clear communication message of "Protein Snacking Matlab no Cheating." Through a mix of ATL & BTL channels, including digital, retail, social media, hoardings, PR, and events, we are confident that this campaign will make a strong impact on our target audience. Entire team has done an excellent job in bringing the campaign to life, and we are excited to see the results it will bring for our brand."

The campaign will be featured on various media channels, including digital platforms like YouTube and Instagram, as well as outdoor advertising such as hoardings. Additionally, the campaign will have a strong presence in PR and other channels like WhatsApp, Emailers, and CRM. Other potential media channels the brand is looking at exploring are connected TV and audio ads, events like marathons, college events, gym events, expos, and more. The film has been conceptualised by Schbang Delhi, produced by Schbang Motion Pictures and directed by Rajat Mehtani.

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