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McCain's "Fryday campaign" adds a dash of delight to every day

The (DVCs) conceptualized by BBDO highlights how McCain's snack products evoke the same sentiment regardless of the day of the week.

McCain Foods, a prominent frozen food brand in India, has launched its captivating "Fryday Campaign," celebrating the joy of turning any ordinary day into a delightful FRYday. The campaign encompasses McCain's diverse range of products, including their renowned Smiles, Fries, and appetizers. It taps into the universal sentiment that Fridays hold a special place in people's hearts – a day when the week's hustle and bustle fades away, allowing us to bask in the company of loved ones and savor the pleasures of good food. McCain's offerings perfectly encapsulate this cherished "Fryday feeling," striking a balance between relaxation and celebration as we eagerly anticipate the weekend.

The campaign's objective is to playfully showcase how McCain can transform everyday moments into special FRYday occasions. Whether it's preparing a kid's lunchbox, enjoying quality family time, or gathering with friends, McCain's delectable range of snacks is the ideal companion for these scenarios. The initial phase of the campaign focuses on the existing behavior of mothers who prepare McCain Smiles as a special Friday treat for their kids, now encouraging them to make any day a FRYday with McCain.

The Digital Video Commercials (DVCs) conceptualized by BBDO convey the concept of "Fryday feels" and highlight how McCain's snack products evoke the same sentiment regardless of the day of the week. The DVCs aim to position McCain as the perfect snacking partner to elevate mundane weekdays – from transforming a child's Wednesday lunch into a Fryday Feast to brightening up a partner's Monday blues with McCain's mouthwatering snacks, making every bite feel like a Fryday.

The campaign is amplified across digital platforms, influencer collaborations, community marketing, user-generated content, and bite-sized content on social media channels.

Aditya Krishna, head of marketing and sales – Retail at McCain, shared, "McCain is renowned not only for its delectable snack range but also for making family time and gatherings more enjoyable. Through this campaign, we aim to build on this strong connection and highlight how McCain's products infuse that same Friday excitement, not just on weekends but on every other day. We aspire to reach our consumers and transform their weekdays into 'Frydays' with our scrumptious range of snacks."

Nikhil Mahajan, chief growth officer and GM at BBDO India, remarked, "This campaign holds a special place for us as it is the first to emerge from our recent collaboration with McCain Foods. #FeelsLikeFryday aligns with BBDO's principle of impactful brand communication – Create Small Acts. Our objective with each communication piece is to drive tangible business results, and we are confident this campaign will deliver on that front while also capturing consumers' hearts."

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