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McDonald's Happy Meal: Now for seniors, in Sweden

The fast food chain gets the kids to create a special Happy Meal delivery for their grandparents.

The pandemic has forced everybody indoors and nobody's happy. But, what everyone seems to have missed is the pressure elders are in. An age group that tends to spend most of their time indoors, they're now facing some of the toughest periods of their life. And for those who'd travel a bit to meet their family, it's one nightmarish time.

In Sweden, grandparents used to surprise their grandkids with Happy Meals and unfortunately, they aren't able to do so thanks to the pandemic and social distancing measures. McDonald's Sweden decided to do something about it.

It lets its junior customers turn the Happy Meals into Happy Meal Senior. Kids would visit a McDonald's outlet and make drawings, write a letter, or create other surprises and the fast-food chain would deliver them to their grandparents with a Happy Meal.

Muse by Clio quoted Sofie Lager, senior marketing manager at McDonald's Sweden, "We wanted to let the kids surprise their grandparents with what they themselves love most, along with a surprise that we know the grandparents appreciate. We hope the initiative has made the lives of the grandparents a little more enjoyable."

Nord DDB is behind the campaign.