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McDonald’s new dreamlike billboards lure the ravenous, post the last call at bars and pubs

The brainchild of Nord DDB and OMD, the leading fast food chain wants to make sure it’s the bleary-eyed folks’ recall when they feel hungry.

It’s the last call of the night. The bartender’s towel has slipped off his shoulder. People are heading home, the bar will soon be shut. But your stomach has started to rumble.

At such an hour, you could either head home and look through your refrigerator for something, or as McDonald’s Sweden would have you do, look inside your glass.

With the help of Nord DDB, the leading American fast food giant has released an outdoor campaign that answers your utterly late night hunger pangs. At the bottom of the glass, beneath that last foamy drop of beer and the remnants of a squashed lemon from a soda, you can spot a McDonald’s burger and its legendary French Fries.

It is interesting to see how food from McDonald’s looks through the bottom of an empty glass. There is no branding on the billboards, but a single sentence: “The first order after the last order.”

Media agency OMD is behind the campaign and, as per media reports, it chose locations close to bars and nightclubs. Alexander Crispin is the photographer behind the campaign.

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