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McDonald’s reconnects young love birds after a decade in new spot

Made by DDB Mudra, the spot tells us the story of a girl and a boy who became “girlfriend aur boyfriend” over a McAloo Tikki.

“Hum dono boyfriend girlfriend hai kya?” asked the adorable little girl to a boy in a McDonald’s a decade ago. The boy says no because “girlfriends are demanding” and he cannot deal with it. Heartbroken after hearing his reply, the girl says, “All I wanted was a McAloo Tikki.” The boy thinks for a while and a smile lights up his face because he can afford it for her. The McAloo Tikki was only for Rs 25.

McDonald’s celebrated its 25th anniversary in India in 2021. And to celebrate this occasion, it is telling us the story of the young girl and boy who have grown up.

Conceptualized by DDB Mudra, the film opens up with a typical moment in this social media age, when Awez (male protagonist), accidentally double taps on Nagma’s (female protagonist) old profile photo, reconnecting them after many years. Are they still ‘boyfriend-girlfriend? Or just two strangers? The new campaign brings out the moments of happiness when two friends reunite to relive their cherished memories over their favourite food at McDonald’s.

Rajeev Ranjan, Chief Operating Officer, McDonald’s India – North and East said, “ Our new campaign beautifully captures the nostalgia, the excitement, fun and the sheer joy of happy times spent by two friends meeting after 25 years at their favourite McDonald’s restaurant enjoying their favourite meal. Through the film we reinforce our promise of providing delicious feel-good moments easy for our customers, we are optimistic that our customers would relate to and love the campaign.”

Iraj Fraz Batla, Executive Creative Director, DDB Mudra North, said, “I remember the excitement of the first-ever McDonald’s opening up in India, right next to the college I ended up going to. 25 years on, I feel the same childish thrill when I’m near a McDonald’s. And as we celebrate 25 years of McDonald's in India, it’s the same thrill we capture using the characters who appeared in one of our most iconic films. While they reunite, we’re reminded how much they, McDonald's, and by extension, all of us have grown over the years. After all, for 25 years, McDonald's has been the place where happy memories are made."

Spreading the joy of completing 25 years, McDonald’s India- North and East has introduced its Rs. 25 Menu. Customers have the option of adding McPuff/Small Fries/Small Sundae/Small McFlurry/Medium Drink and Iced Tea to any Extra Value Meal or Large Extra Value Meal at Rs. 25.

Campaign credits

McDonald’s team: Sushmita Kashyap, Dhruv Kathuria, Neha Gour, Saksham Aggarwal, Meena Negi, Sonia Sharma, Shreya Badola

Agency: DDB Mudra Group

Creative: Rahul Mathew, Iraj Fraz Batla, Rahul Dutta, Vinit Bharucha, Aryak Ray, Vishal Dhiman, Shamoeeta Mukherjee, Rohan Banerjee, & Ankit Chugh

Business: Ashutosh Sawhney, Vineet Kindra, Sonali Chowdhury, Jackson Jose, Abhishek Majumdar & Srishti Gupta

Strategy: Mehak Jaini, Aditi Hariharan

Director: Sudhir Shetty

Production House: Yellawe Digital

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