Namah Chawla

McDonald’s replaces its iconic golden arches with a new logo

Following a TikTok trend, the fast-food giant decided to replace its logo with the one created by influencer Emily Zugay.

McDonald’s left the audience wondering by recently replacing its iconic golden arches logo with a new one across its social media channels. The caption to the post read, “TikTok made me do it.”

We couldn’t resist finding what made the global fast-food giant do this. Apparently, McDonald’s decided to join a TikTok influencer, Emily Zugay, a graduate in design, has gone viral for sharing her opinion on global brands’ logo designs and how these companies can make them look more interesting.

McDonald’s replaces its iconic golden arches with a new logo

Designed by the TikToker, the new logo of McDonald's while retaining the brand’s colour theme red and golden, has done away with the unique golden arches. In the new logo, the enlarged letter “O” seems to have eaten “N”. Netizens are guessing the logo tweak is because the brand is going to introduce onion rings to its menu.

McDonald’s replaces its iconic golden arches with a new logo

It is interesting to note that ‘The Golden Arches’ logo was inspired by the first franchised unit of McDonald's and was the brainchild of Richard McDonald's, one of the McDonald brothers, who thought that the logo would grab the attention of the bypassers.

However, TikToker Zugay has a different opinion. She tells in one of her recent videos that McDonald’s approached her asking for a new design for their existing logo. Similar to her opinion about all the big brands such as Apple and Starbucks, the influencer says she finds McDonald’s current logo “boring”. According to her, it looks like “two knees.”

Since she didn’t wish to look at two knees while eating her McChicken, she emphasised on the letter ‘O’ as opposed to ‘M’ in the original logo. She hopes that maybe McDonald’s would add some onion rings to the menu.

Seems like Zugay’s explanation and logo tweak resonated with the brand a little too much and they decided to feature the logo across McDonald’s social media while giving credit to the influencer.

Zugay has also posted videos showing how she would redesign logos for global brands, like Starbucks, Apple, NASA, TikTok, Nascar, Doritos, Tampax, The Washington Post, Tinder, Adobe, Amazon among others.