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Meesho launches #NoBiasInBusiness ahead of International Women’s Day

The campaign ‘Class of 2023’ celebrates women in business from all walks of life.

Meesho, e-commerce marketplace, launched ‘Class of 2023’, a campaign, conceptualised by DDB Mudra, 'dedicated to women-led businesses in India. Ahead of International Women’s Day, Meesho’s #NoBiasInBusiness aims to dispel stereotypes and celebrate women in business from all walks of life.

We have an inherent perception or bias when we think of a ‘businesswoman’. We often associate the word only with an urban woman running a successful business or one who is working in a corporate set-up. However, very less emphasis is given to the businesswomen who come from different corners of our country. Presenting the Class of 2023, which intends to break this bias and represent women-led businesses across various backgrounds, age groups, industries, income segments and geographies.

Megha Agarwal, CXO, Growth at Meesho said, “Socioeconomic equity and women empowerment have always been at the core of Meesho’s philosophy. These are equally vital for accomplishing our ambitious dream of an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, which is built on inclusion and empowerment. Through our campaign, ‘Class of 2023’, we are bringing to life stories of women-led businesses from all corners of the country, who have charted their own path, built successful businesses and created a myriad of employment opportunities in their local communities. We hope this will inspire more women to chase their dreams with #NoBiasInBusiness.”

Meesho’s latest campaign ‘Class of 2023’ #NoBiasInBusiness showcases businesswomen from different walks of life, whether it's the CEO of a successful start-up or a small business owner. These women exemplify courage and determination while proving that, if enabled with the right tools and support, they can empower themselves and their families. The campaign features Aditi Chopra, founder of Superwomen DAO along with sellers from Meesho such as Bharti Virani, Founder of Love Crochet; Manisha Bhardwaj, founder of Krishna Collections; Priyanka Jaiswal, founder of Samridhi Design Creations and Prachi, founder of Hockey Pokey Kids among others.

Reflecting on her journey, Meesho seller Bharti Virani, founder of Crochet Love, from Ahmedabad shared, “After my daughter grew a little older, there was literally no use for the crocheted baby items I had made with my own hands. Yet, I didn't discard them, since I figured someone else could find them valuable later. This led to the idea of selling these products online which would not only help me continue working on my hobby but also create an income stream for my expenses. I still remember my first large order for 40 pairs of booties I had to deliver within a week for a buyer from Kerala. I worked nights to successfully achieve the deadline despite my daughter being under a year old and requiring constant attention. Though it was difficult, I thoroughly enjoyed that experience of working towards something I really love doing. Over time, I have grown my catalogue to over 30 products and my monthly orders have grown by 3X on the platform. Most importantly, I have been able to create employment opportunities for nearly 70 women in my local community and that is a huge source of pride and happiness for me.”

Aditi Chopra, founder, Superwomen DAO added, “For me, Women's Day is a reminder that we have a long way to go. We should be creating more opportunities for women from all walks of life. Not just in business, but also in arts, governance, tech and creative ecosystems. Since Meesho believes in enabling opportunities for everyone, it has been a great experience learning more about their efforts and participating in this initiative.

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