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Meet the team behind Fevicol's 'sticky' Friendship Day campaign

The team didn't sleep for a week and to coordinate with over 100 brands to bring the campaign to life.

While most brands were busy brainstorming with their creative teams for Friendship Day creatives – Schbang was no different. The Schbang team put together a digital activation campaign for Fevicol for Friendship Day. The campaign focused on Fevicol’s ‘Mazboot Jod’ proposition and worked collaboratively with other brands to get the message across.

The campaign saw Fevicol commenting on other brands’ posts from the official account and the respective brands 'pinning' the comments. This was seen as a way of creating a sticky friendship, a la witty copywriting, thanks to the Schbang team, who spent many sleepless nights to bring the campaign to life.

Meet the team behind Fevicol's 'sticky' Friendship Day campaign

The Schbang team that brought this campaign together in record time was Aditya Mehendale - group creative director, Jay Morzaria - group creative manager, Viren Chhabria - group solutions manager, Puru Agarwal - creative lead, and Aniket Ajwani - team lead.

Meet the team behind Fevicol's 'sticky' Friendship Day campaign

The first step was to gather the brands to collaborate with. So, each member from the Schbang team put out a social post on LinkedIn. The post invited brands to collaborate with 'a well known adhesive brand' for a Friendship Day campaign. The team reveals, over a call, that the response it got to that simple post was staggering.

Meet the team behind Fevicol's 'sticky' Friendship Day campaign

Morzaria tells us that there was no brief as such, but it was an idea the team had come up with on its own - which the client approved of. Chhabria mentions that the task was to make the evolution of the brand to digital complete.

Meet the team behind Fevicol's 'sticky' Friendship Day campaign

"Our main task was to help the brand evolve and make it native to digital. We tried to innovate by using the features of the platform and our own knowledge of the platform to our advantage," says Chhabria.

Morzaria adds that as a client, Fevicol understands creativity and liked the idea. "There was slight hesitation at first, but not because the brand (Fevicol) doubted our idea. It was because there was less time to execute it. We had less than a week and the scale (of it) was challenging."

The team was targeting 50 brands, but received responses from over 120. What came next was a marathon week of copywriting to create comments that would represent Fevicol on other brands' pages.

Agarwal reveals that the responses were beyond the team's expectations, and the challenge was filtering out which brands to collaborate with. "My team and I were working all hands on deck for this project. We wrote around 300 copies, of which, roughly 100-120 were approved."

The comment the team wrote had to be a reply to the particular post that the brand put out, while sticking to the signature Fevicol brand of humour.

The team agrees that the scale was the most challenging part of the campaign - especially during the execution phase. "We were all working remotely and coordinating on a full-time basis. Some of us had to come in to work on a Sunday to make sure this campaign was successfully executed. We also had to coordinate with the brands and work with the feedback they had for us," says Morzaria.

The team didn't sleep for a week to bring the campaign to life.

Meet the team behind Fevicol's 'sticky' Friendship Day campaign



Harshil Karia, Founder
Akshay Gurnani, Co-founder and CEO


Aditya Mehendale, Group Creative Director

Jay Morzaria, Group Creative Manager

Puru Agarwal, Creative Lead

Madhvendra Singh, Creative Lead

Sahil Shah, Creative Lead

Shubhangi Dixit, Sr.Creative Strategist

Kartikeya Misra, Jr.Creative Strategist

Yashashree Pachbudhe, Jr.Creative Strategist

Neha Wahi, Jr.Creative Strategist

Radhika Chhabra, Jr.Creative Strategist

Himani Gandhi, Jr.Creative Strategist

Deepa Balyapelli, Jr.Creative Strategist

Deep Doshi, Art Director

Sanket Gawand, Design Lead
Aditi Parmar, Graphic Visualiser

Sohil Karia, Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer


Amisha Gulati, VP - Solutions

Viren Chhabria, Group Solutions Manager

Aniket Ajwani, Team Lead - Solutions

Shourya Porwal, Integrated Solutions Strategist

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