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Men deserve to receive flowers too says DoorDash in Valentine's Day ad

The campaign aims to break away from outdated societal norms and encourage people to think beyond gender expectations.

DoorDash, the San Francisco-based online food ordering and delivery platform, has collaborated with ad agency Gut in Los Angeles, to launch a unique ad campaign challenging the age-old stereotype — flowers are exclusively meant for women.

Titled as 'Flowers for Every Valentine,' the initiative encourages people to think beyond conventional gender expectations and gift flowers to men, before it's too late.

The centerpiece of the refreshing ad campaign is a thought-provoking song, performed by men in an unexpected setting — tombstones in a graveyard. The song rues that the only place people receive flowers irrespective of their gender is a graveyard.

The video begins with men joyfully receiving flowers on their graves, expressing how they never got a single flower during their lives, and now roses and daisies are being laid on their graves. The lyrics humorously convey the sentiments of those resting in peace, thanking their families and partners for sending roses, albeit a tad too late.

The song's message is clear- Why should men only receive flowers posthumously? DoorDash is championing the idea that men deserve to be showered with flowers just as much as anyone else, and that can easily be done through the convenience of DoorDash's delivery service.

The ad campaign not only challenges stereotypes but also aims to normalise the act of giving flowers to men on Valentine's Day and beyond. With this campaign, DoorDash hopes to inspire a shift in mindset and encourage people to embrace the idea that expressing love and appreciation through flowers is for everyone.

Gut has offices in the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and The Netherlands. On his trip to India in late December, Anselmo Ramos, founder, Gut, dropped hints about opening an office in India.

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