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Metro Shoes' festive campaign celebrates the unifying spirit of modern India beyond cultural boundaries

Conceptualised by the agency Talented, the film's storyline revolves around the journey of a couple as they step into a new world after their marriage.

Metro Shoes, over the last six decades, the brand has managed to make an inter-generational impact, with its footwear being an integral part of its consumers’ life journey for all occasions. This festive season, Metro Shoes celebrates this legacy by unveiling its latest campaign, ‘Takes You To The New’, an ode to the underlying spirit of togetherness, love, and timeless connections

The film's storyline revolves around the transformative journey of a couple as they step into a new world after their marriage. Together, they discover the significance of immersing themselves in novel experiences and nurturing deeper connections. India is an amalgamation of cultures and traditions, and inspired by the current cultural context, this film too spotlights the life of a young and modern couple who navigate through new experiences and imbibe new perspectives. The support, love, and acceptance they receive from their relatives further strengthens their bond and fills them with genuine excitement about this unfamiliar world. Whether it's a special occasion, a joyful celebration, or a stolen, quiet moment shared with each other, they come to realize that life's journey is what truly matters, with Metro Shoes serving as their constant companion every step of the way.

“Keeping customer-centricity at our heart, Metro Brands has garnered insights for over six decades to know what each generation wants. Our collection resonates with traditional craftsmanship while addressing the evolving needs of our customers. We introduce fashion-forward silhouettes that pay homage to the traditions we hold dear. Our commitment is to deliver products that are both timeless and in line with modern needs, ensuring their quality and reliability.

The ‘Takes You To The New’ campaign is a heartfelt tribute to the connections we’ve formed with our customers. It’s a celebration of our brand’s place in people’s lives and how we continue to be the catalyst for new beginnings and exciting experiences. Metro Shoes promises to be your companion, dedicated to serving you as you embrace tradition and navigate new horizons. In a world where love often expects compromises, our campaign dares to change the perspective. Join us on a journey where true identity is celebrated, equality is honoured, and relationship evolves hand in hand.," says Deepika Deepti, senior vice president of marketing at Metro Brands.

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