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Mi gets Robot Vacuum Mop-P to clean up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath’s home

The campaign, titled 'Mast Admi', for Mi’s Robot Vacuum Mop-P addresses concerns around the usage of autonomous cleaning devices.

The COVID-induced lockdowns have made the consumers seek out gadgets that can help reduce their workload at home. One such gadget is the robot vacuum cleaner, which cleans homes with minimal assistance.

However, given that Indian homes are accustomed to traditional ways of cleaning, there are major concerns around its functionality and practical usage. Like, can it not just vacuum, but also mop? Can it clean the corners? Can it stop itself from falling off the stairs? Can it autonomously clean the household as per a set schedule?

Mi India’s campaign 'Mast Admi', featuring stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath, addresses all these concerns around the usage of such devices.

The quirky video features Rath, who is not much of a cleanliness freak. Reminiscing about his bachelor days, and recalling the small amount of time he spent to clean his house during the lockdowns, he is now looking for a device that fits into his daily life.

With his ‘cutie’ (aka Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P) in the house, he mentions how his house has now become ‘too clean’. He puts the smart Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P through tough situations, but it still manages to pass every test. It mops the whole house in one go, detects obstacles extremely efficiently, and automatically goes back to the charging spot on its own.

“While our mission is to make quality technology accessible, we also strive to communicate technology in a way that is interesting and easily understandable. With this campaign too, we are trying to address the questions that our fans and consumers might have regarding the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P,” a Mi India spokesperson said.

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