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Mia by Tanishq launches #ThisIsMe campaign to celebrate women

The campaign film gives a sneak peek into the lives of 7 unique personalities who believe in rejoicing every expression that celebrates themselves.

To uplift the mood and revel in the festivities, Mia by Tanishq, one of India’s most fashionable jewellery brands has launched #ThisIsMe campaign with an aim to celebrate the various facets of feminine strength while staying true to their identity with ‘This Is Me’.

Abiding to its core narrative, Mia’s festive film, ‘This is Me’ conceptualised by Famous Innovations captures the essence of celebrating every story of ‘she’ while revelling in the process of being herself. The films reflect many of the powerful and inspiring choices that women undertake to be unapologetically themselves that seeks no validation from the society. These powerful choices mirror strength, courage, compassion and sheer determination that truly calls for a celebration.

The 2 minutes upbeat digital film incites hope, joy and excitement for the viewer. The visually delightful campaign film gives audience a sneak peek into the lives of 7 unique personalities who believe in rejoicing every expression that celebrates themselves. The cheerful and groovy song track written and sung by rapper, Dee MC spells positive stir and a happy vibe that’s truly contagious.

The digital film features renowned influencers to bring forth authentic voice and the free spirit of Mia women like Sakshi Sindhwani- a body positivity influencer, Asha Roka- an MMA champ, Queen Andro- LGBTQ fashion icon, Saru Mukherjee- a mom blogger, Riza Reji- the first indian model with down syndrome, Anuja Deora- an entrepreneur and Dee MC, rapper and singer- songwriter.

Speaking about the campaign film, Shyamala Ramanan, business head, Mia by Tanishq, says, “The digitally native Gen-Z is a confident bunch who are honest about themselves, questioning and redefining the labels of society with an owned sense of self-expression.  Mia by Tanishq celebrates this freedom with the new ‘This is Me’ campaign along with not just one or two but seven dynamic personalities from different walks of life showcasing the uniqueness that is the Mia woman.”

Melvin Jacob, creative head at Famous Innovations, Bangalore said, “Right now the Indian woman is at her most creative, bravest best. She is doing so many amazing things in so many different ways. ‘This is Me’ is a celebration of her unique expression and individuality - the elements that unite Mia and Famous as well.”

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