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Microsoft celebrates the Indian resilience in end-of-the-year ad

“We are today’s India… there’s no hurdle we can’t cross,” says the tech giant.

To keep pushing despite the circumstances is what all of us did in 2020. From being under many lockdowns to following all COVID precautions and taking care of our mental and physical health amid fear of the virus, worry about our jobs, pay cuts, layoffs, and the future. We didn’t stop Instead, we adapted.

And it is this very adaption, this resilience that Microsoft, a tech giant celebrates in the end-of-year ad aptly titled “Hum Rukna Nahin Jaante” or “We don’t know to stop.”

In the ad, we see how India used technology (read Microsoft tools) to get through the lockdown and the new normal. Be it accessing a badminton coach via Microsoft Teams, or ensuring an efficient supply thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or running a side gig with the help of Microsoft Azure… Microsoft is everywhere.

And speaking of brands, a Microsoft-IDC study published on November 24, 2020, said “Organizations with a culture of innovation fuelling business resilience and economic recovery in India.”

It seems the tech giant loves resilience and it’s something we all need in a big amount as the pandemic refuses to abate and the vaccines are yet to reach everybody.