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Mivi goes after boAt again in round two of an ever-growing ad fisticuffs

The genesis of this mocking is that boAt products, as per Mivi, are made in China and assembled in India while claiming otherwise.

Doubling down on boAt’s Made in China links is consumer electronics brand Mivi in what is being seen as round two of escalating ad fisticuffs.

An anthropomorphic Mivi, in the second ad, makes the actor spoofing Aman Gupta, boAt’s co-founder, reveal his brand's Chinese connections on a job recruitment day.

How? Mivi says it’s hard to choose from the many talented engineers who interviewed for the job. “Bro, to run a great tech company, you don’t need an engineer,” quips spoof Gupta and he goes on to reveal his academic profile includes not only an engineering degree but 12 courses on Chinese to English translation and a course of Chinese to Hindi too.

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This mocking comes a week after Mivi suggested companies which Make in China can only put things together than making things for the Indian consumer.

boAt has not kept its silence. It, a few days ago, carried a print ad in The Quint and Hindustan times celebrating 1 crore of Make in India products.

In a press release, Gupta is quoted: “boAt has proved naysayers wrong by successfully undertaking the design, engineering, and manufacturing of wearables in India. Today, 90% of our wearables are manufactured in India.” 

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