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‘Mmmm' Miracle: Bingo! Mad Angles solves vision woes in latest ad

The ad film is conceptualised and executed by Ogilvy India.

Bingo!, an ITC brand has launched a new ad showcasing its Mad Angles chips. The ad’s fun twist involves a miracle when a man visits an eye clinic.

The ad begins with a man struggling with a sudden vision problem. He finds himself at an eye clinic, unable to decipher even a single letter on the examination board. Despite the board showcasing only variations of the letter 'M,' he echoes 'X,' 'P,' and even '4’. 

However, the plot takes a twist when a nurse offers him a pack of Bingo! Mad Angles. As he enjoys the snack, he echoes 'Mmmmm,' aligning with the letters on the board. The doctor and the nurse happily assume that his vision is cured.

With its humorous narrative, the ad brings out the brand’s tagline, 'Har problem ka mmmmmad solution- Bingo! Mad Angles.'

The ad features Mandy as the main lead. He is a well-known Marathi social media content creator and this marks his first-ever brand collaboration.

Ogilvy and the brand puts a disclaimer at the end which clarifies that the character in the advertisement is not a real doctor and that eating Bingo! chips will not improve vision.

This is in line with the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) guidelines that mandate brands not to make misleading claims and add disclaimers in their advertisements:

“Advertisements should not be misleading or deceptive. Specifically, advertisements should not mislead consumers to believe that
consumption of product advertised will result directly in personal changes in intelligence, physical ability or exceptional recognition.”


Agency: Ogilvy India

Production House: Earlyman Films

Director: Ayappa

Executive Producer: Anand Menon

Producer: Milin Shah

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