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Mohey ropes in Kiara Advani as a new face of the brand

The actor replaces Alia Bhatt and this could be because she is going to be the next bride in Bollywood.

Mohey, the bridalwear brand appoints the celebrated actress Kiara Advani as their new brand ambassador with their ongoing campaign #DulhanWaliFeeling. As the actor is the next Bollywood bride in the list.

Kiara is pictured celebrating the new era of a contemporary Indian bride while wearing a gorgeous lehenga from Mohey's most recent bridal collection. She is an epitome of a radiant, confident, self-righteous and independent modern Indian bride.

Reinforcing the new age bridal swag, Kiara looks confident and joyous on her wedding day. The film depicts the era of a modern day bride and how weddings are a big day for them. In the film, during her bidaai, Kiara is seen replacing all the gifts she got for her wedding with her most prized possessions. She gets her first doll, her racket that helped her win against her father, her old notebooks, and everything that holds more meaning and memories to her new home. With the help of her new husband and father in law Kiara is able to replace all the new gifts that she finds meaningless in front of her old possessions. While leaving in the car her mother asks her why she is taking old items to her new house, to which Kiara joyfully answers “naye ghar ko apna ghar banaane”. The movie shows the cluster of emotions a bride experiences on her special day and how these old items hold a special place in their hearts. They want to carry their memories with them, its her #DulhanWaliFeeling.

Speaking of her association with the brand, Kiara Advani said, “I am so excited to be associated with Mohey, a brand that not only celebrates weddings but also, their brides and their individuality. Personally, I love weddings! I can feel the joy every wedding brings in the hearts of new brides, their families. It's important that the brides feel comfortable in their own skin and are their true self on their big day. This campaign beautifully encapsulates the #DulhanWaliFeeling and we hope it strongly connects with all the new brides.”

Commenting on the new brand ambassador, Vedant Modi, chief marketing officer, Vedant Fashions Limited said, “Kiara, whilst deeply rooted with her tradition, is  also the new age Indian woman that brings out our powerful messaging in the most confident manner. Mohey has been conceptualized for the confident and bold Indian brides who live life to the fullest and we believe the essence of our #DulhanWaliFeeling has been beautifully portrayed by Kiara.” 

The campaign conceptualized and executed by Shreyansh Innovations, the founder, director of the agency Shreyansh Baid, said ; “In keeping with the spirit of Mohey, we have yet again celebrated the views of a modern bride. Kiara Advani delivers a message of freedom and choice in a very simple way where she chooses to carry some unexpected things with her as she leaves for her marital home. But these seemingly meaningless things are what hold priceless memories for her. This film shows a modern Mohey bride who decides to carry the love and comfort of her maternal home in her new house.”

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