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Mohey’s new ad with Alia Bhatt talks about an egalitarian society for boys and girls

The ad takes forward the brand’s 2019 campaign, titled #DulhanWaliFeeling, which depicts the world from a bride’s viewpoint.

Ahead of the upcoming wedding season, leading bridal wear brand Mohey has launched a campaign, titled #DulhanWaliFeeling, featuring actress Alia Bhatt. The ad showcases the emotions of a bride, who recounts her memories with her parents and her apprehensions, as she embarks upon a new journey in her new home and family.

Taking a different approach, the film shows a small, but significant gesture of respect towards women in a society that could create a change. In the ad, Bhatt is seen talking about equality and an egalitarian society for boys and girls.

Bhatt shares her feelings in her wedding speech and describes how her family encouraged her by not applying typical societal rules to her. She delivers a token of appreciation to her parents for having trusted her to be a responsible, sensible person. She now hopes her new family and partner will also give her the same respect as her parents did.

Commenting on the campaign, Vedant Modi, CMO, Vedant Fashions, said, “We believe in progressive communication, and our main goal in making this film was to deliver a powerful voice of the new age woman. We want to inspire women to be independent, confident and find their place in marital life equally.”

The campaign is conceptualised and executed by Shreyansh Baid, director, Shreyansh Innovations.

In September 2021, Mohey’s ad with Bhatt that promoted a redefined Hindu wedding ritual - from ‘Kanyadaan’ to ‘Kanyamaan’ - didn’t sit quite well with netizens. Bhatt was seen questioning the conventional beliefs, where the family is required to ‘give away’ their daughter at her wedding.

The first ad of the campaign #DulhanWaliFeeling was released in August 2019. The film showed Mohey bride Bhatt experience a whirlwind of emotions that every bride goes through on her wedding day.

Over the years, Manyavar has stood out from the competition because of its approach towards celebrity marketing. The brand partnered with cricketer Virat Kohli for the first time in 2015, and launched various campaigns.

Soon after gaining prominence in the men's traditional attire segment, the company extended its reach to female audience by launching ‘Mohey’ in 2016 and brought actress and Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma on board. The brand got the desired attention with the real life couple promoting the brand for various occasions.

After an extended association with ‘Virushka’ (Virat and Anushka), the brand announced Kartik Aaryan and Alia Bhatt, as its face. Aaryan has featured in the #GroomSquad and #TaiyaarHoKarAaiye campaigns.

For its Diwali campaign, the brand roped in actor Ranveer Singh as its ambassador. Singh, dressed in traditional Indian attire, can be seen endorsing the brand on various platforms, as he speaks about #DiwaliWaliFeeling.

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