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Mouni Roy becomes brand ambassador for BlackZone Mobiles

The partnership highlights the importance of fostering indigenous talent and innovation for the brand's future growth.

BlackZone Mobiles has announced its strategic alliance with Bollywood actress Mouni Roy, who will represent –Blackzone’s feature phones and smartwatches categories as its distinguished brand ambassador.

This partnership aims to enhance BlackZone's market presence and positions for its designs, technology, and strategic pricing. Mouni Roy will play a pivotal role in BlackZone's advertising campaigns, branding endeavours, and social media activities over the coming year.

Karan Thukral, chairman of BlackZone Mobiles, stated, "It is with great pride that we announce our collaboration with Bollywood Icon Mouni Roy, an actor par excellence of  today’s times. Ms. Roy's vibrant personality and influential social media footprint are perfectly aligned with our mission to forge a deeper connection with audiences across India. Her grace and sophistication perfectly encapsulate our brand ethos.”

A proud participant in the 'Make in India' initiative, BlackZone is dedicated to expanding its reach beyond urban centers, making inroads into smaller cities and towns across the country.  

Kannav Thukral, MD, BlackZone Mobiles, remarked, “Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our sleek designs and the advanced features of our products. As a 'Make in India' advocate, we are focused on creating exceptional mobile devices that combine superior quality with affordability, ranging from our budget-friendly 4G feature phones to our stylish and practical smartwatches, all of which showcase the pinnacle of Indian manufacturing prowess.”

“BlackZone is more than just a brand to me, it epitomises style itself. Each mobile offers an array of vibrant colours, and features distinctive characteristics,” shared Mouni Roy.

The partnership between Mouni Roy and BlackZone signifies a pivotal moment in the brand's evolution, emphasising the critical role of nurturing indigenous talent and innovation in shaping the future.

Situated in Sonipat, Haryana, BlackZone's manufacturing facility highlights its dedication to promoting local employment and propelling technological innovation within the region. The domestic production of feature phones and smartwatches is a reflection of its ambition to spearhead India's tech revolution.

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