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MS Dhoni stars in Swaraj Tractors' 'Naya Swaraj' TVC highlighting brand's reliability and modern farming

The commercial has been created by FCB Interface and will be available in various regional languages.

Swaraj Tractors, which is part of the Mahindra Group, has released a new TV commercial featuring MS Dhoni, who is the brand ambassador for Swaraj.

The new Swaraj tractor range coincides with the launch of a new TVC featuring Dhoni. The TVC captures Dhoni's passion for farming, while expressing his trust in the brand's dependability and long-lasting performance. This TVC highlights how Swaraj has always delivered on customers' expectations, staying true to its DNA of power (Josh), and ensuring customer loyalty.

The 'Naya Swaraj' campaign is timed with the release of a new line of Swaraj tractors. This is a transformative change for the brand, which is targeting farmers who are open to modern agricultural practices and technology. The campaign seeks to improve customer experiences with Swaraj products and services.

The new Swaraj tractors have modern aesthetics and contemporary design elements while still being true to the brand's original design.

MS Dhoni said that farming is similar to cricket and has become a big part of his life. He explained that it takes dedication and hard work to be successful, and that Swaraj Tractors have always been there to help him pursue his passion. He believes that the new Swaraj Tractors TV Commercial accurately reflects his personal journey and what the brand stands for.

Rajesh Jejurikar said that having MS Dhoni as a customer and then brand ambassador for Swaraj is an honor. He noted that Dhoni's presence is a perfect fit with Swaraj's core values and that his appeal aligns well with the company's new range of modern tractors. He added that Dhoni's belief in the products adds authenticity to the collaboration.

The dependable figure of Dhoni in Indian cricket is similar to the dependable nature of Swaraj Tractors on farms across the nation. The collaboration between Dhoni and the tractor company has formed a connection between the customer, the brand, and the Dhoni that goes beyond conventional celebrity endorsements. The values that Dhoni represents such as being authentic and dependable are perfectly aligned with the core values of Swaraj and its customer base.

The commercial has been created by FCB Interface and will be available in various regional languages on leading television channels and digital platforms from September 4, 2023.

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