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MTR illustrates its food safety practices in a new video

Taking no chances, the brand has ensured all best safety precautions are enforced and followed to the T.

The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the concern of food production safety measures across the world. People are more than ever concerned about the process packaged foods go through. Brands keeping this in mind are now focusing on building consumer trust by informing them how safety measures are being followed during their production.

The food products company has stepped up in this unprecedented time to ensure that safety measures are strictly being followed at their factories. They recently released a video showing consumers how they are following the safety protocols at their production sites.

The video starts with a voiceover stating that MTR has been following the food safety practices since its inception in the market. The video further highlights how it has become stricter about food safety during the time of this pandemic. The brand goes ahead sharing clips of how its staff is being thoroughly screened upon arrival, how they are following hygiene practices using masks, shoe covers, and aprons. It also emphasises how it's working with a minimum workforce to ensure social distancing.

The video then takes us through the clips where doorknobs, handles, and railings are intensively cleaned every two hours. MTR also brings into focus how the brand’s food safety measures have earned various food safety certifications over the years. It also sheds light on how its sales force has adhered to the safety standards while delivering the products.

At a time where everyone is caught up with concerns over food safety, brands are now giving the consumers a peek into their production process. With this move, brands are focusing on building consumer trust by catering to the concerns that consumers have.